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How Can You Match Your Jewels With The Wedding Theme

Every bride wants to look their very best on the special occasion of their wedding. As such, there are so many details to take into account from invitations to flowers, menus and the perfect bridal set. First, you think of your dress, and the next moment, you must consider the wedding theme. So this article will teach you how to match the right jewels with your wedding theme in no time.

How To Match Your Wedding Theme With Your Jewel

Your wedding day is the perfect time to show off your love for each other in style! Make sure to choose jewelry that reflects the special bond you share and complements your theme. 

Research different themed weddings, explore various metals, textures, stones and designs, and get creative with engraved features or birthstones. Make sure you select beautiful rings and necklaces that express your unique style and make sure they stand out tastefully on your big day!

When you follow these steps, you’ll find the best pieces to celebrate the singular love you and your partner share. Although, always begin by purchasing a wedding gown that looks flawless before going jewelry shopping for the bride.

  1. Get The Best Wedding Jewelry

As brides mull over their personalities when selecting their wedding ensembles, it can seem an intimidating task to find the perfect jewelry. Nevertheless, if you have acquired your wedding band or have inherited some jewels that must be worn, bridal sets may be the answer for matching your engagement and wedding ring perfectly. 

A perfect bridal set includes appropriately sized rings – so one isn’t too large or too tight. Therefore, investing in this combination of an engagement and wedding ring is an astute way to ensure your bands are totally harmonious!

  1. Make Sure The Jewellery Matches The Dress 

Your outfit is the primary background for your jewelry. Therefore, knowing what kind of dress you’ll wear is helpful before choosing any bridal jewelry. You can choose the appropriate accessories for your gown by understanding its distinctive features like: What shade will the wedding gown be? Is it white, off-white, or another color entirely? What designs does it have? Is it adorned or not? Then, you can check out the best jewels that will match your dress.

  • Match The Necklace To The Shape Of Your Neck

Choosing the perfect jewelry to match your wedding dress is so important! With a high neckline, it’s best to stick with delicate pieces that won’t take away from the design of your gown. 

A statement necklace will look beautiful on strapless, off-the-shoulder, or sweetheart dresses where the décolletage is visible. For V-neck gowns, a pendant or choker that coordinates with earrings looks nice. 

And for halter or reverse halter necklines, opt for sleek or floral hair decorations like pins, combs, or vines. Whatever you choose, make sure your jewelry complements your dress and brings out the details of your neckline to complete the perfect wedding look!

  1. Add Detailed Accessories To Your Hairstyle

You can adorn your hair with accessories, including tiaras, headgear, and combs. These jewels can greatly enhance your hairstyle and appearance as a whole.

However, the size of the accessories you’ll need depends on your hairdo. You’ll need bigger accessories if your selected hairstyle results in a larger mass of hair. And do not forget to match these accessories to the color of your hair.

Additionally, your earrings should complement your hairstyle. You might not need noticeable earrings if your hair falls beyond your shoulders; a stud would do. Larger earrings might be preferable if your hairstyles are back, revealing your earlobes. Whatever earrings you choose should be detailed to suit your outfit. Diamond stud earrings on long hairstyles and a gown with pearl gemstones present a perfect look and can suit any wedding theme.

  • Select Compatible Gemstones

Most brides are reserved when it comes to color selection. Usually, diamond jewelry and white wedding dresses are the most preferred. However, you can choose something different to liven up your outfit. Try out other coloured stones, such as amethysts, sapphires and rubies. These stones would complement your wedding’s theme and body type, which goes with most bridal gowns.

  • Sync Up Your Metals

One thing to avoid when considering your wedding theme is conflicting color appearance. Therefore, it is important to coordinate your metals with your clothing and other accessories.

Accessories like waistbands and sashes are available in different colors. Ensure that the jewelry you choose matches these items.

 Furthermore, several collections of stone colors are available, and certain colors would complement a particular dress better. If you already have a wedding gown, be careful when selecting the metal colors for your bridal jewelry. Below are just a few of the possible combinations. Though you can always choose to be daring, always aim to provide harmony to any combination you choose.

  1. Dresses in champagne colors look stunning with gold and rose gold accessories. This would compliment an earth wedding theme.
  2. White wedding dresses go great with diamond-set yellow and white jewelry. 
  3. The ideal jewelry match for ivory bridal gowns is usually yellow gold.
  4. A pure white garment looks amazing, whether accessorized with silver, platinum, or pearls.

Wedding Theme Types

When choosing your wedding style, it’s important to think about how the dress, jewelry, and other decorations fit together. A luxurious theme can be enhanced by a beautiful dress and stunning jewels, while a more subtle theme will require different choices. Your wedding theme should reflect your personalities and tell your love story – so choose one that speaks to who you are as a couple! Here are some fantastic wedding themes ideas that would fit most of your jewelry:

  • Romantic Themes

The romantic theme is one of the well-liked wedding fashions. Romantic weddings frequently include a light color scheme like pale blue and delicate decorations, which produce a dreamy, fairy-tale atmosphere.

  • Earthy Natural Color Schemes

This theme is quite popular in wedding fashion. It is simple, calm and catchy. And if you are thinking of having a garden wedding, this theme would go well. Think of champagne-coloured dresses with neutral-colored pampas grass and accessories to match your earthy hues.

  • Fairytale Wedding 

This theme is for you if you imagine having candles everywhere and fairy lights to illuminate the venue. This theme is classic and can be luxurious. And you need sparkling jewelry for such a gorgeous fantasy theme.

  • Timeless Wedding Theme

Timeless wedding themes are the way to go if you want a lasting design. Floral themes are consistently in vogue because weddings are held most times in the spring, summer, or even the fall. This theme has a more festive motif with deep colors. You can add other inviting elements if your wedding takes place in the fall or winter.


Always remember to put yourself first when combining different pieces of jewelry. The jewelry you choose should reveal your personality and complement your wedding theme. The points stated in this article will help you select your jewels wisely. Also, remember that the cost of bridal jewelry is not negotiable, so you should be ready to spend some money, especially if you want items of really high quality.

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