Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey


The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey as it’s known, cannot be compared with other countries. Turkey is the least expensive place to undergo the procedure and is also the most suitable for many things that include the most skilled hair transplant doctors are in Turkey and the most advanced technology and the free accompanying services.

When you compare the cost of hair transplants in Turkey with the costs of similar procedures of other places, we will observe that the cost in Turkey exceeds 50% or less and that’s not even including the fact that some people view their journey to treat hair loss being medically-related tourism.

In this respect, Camelia Clinic for hair transplantation in Istanbul is happy to present the best price and the most precise procedures mastered by professionals. Transferring hair to Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey
Hair transplantation in Turkey

How much will hair transplantation cost in Turkey in the average?

The price of hair transplants in Turkey is between 1,200-1,600 dollars for the years 2021-2022 in the majority of hospitals and centers, i.e. between 16,370.00 up to 21,827.00 Turkish liras for the current month of January.

While the value of the dollar is currently rising against the Turkish Lira, it has not affected the cost of hair transplantation to date.

Hair transplantation in Turkey the details are as in the following order:

Hair transplantation for males or women, the cost may be as high as 1600 dollars in the case of a single session of intensive hair Hair transplantation in Turkey with the Sapphire or Perkutan techniques.
Hair transplants that do not require shaving to cover partial baldness using the DHI method, the typical price is 1400 dollars.
The cost for mustache and beard transplants is: $1,300.
Eyebrow transplants also cost between 1200 to 1300 dollars.
We would like to mention that prices of less than $1,000 in centers generally don’t include free lodging in a hotel, particularly in Istanbul the city of Istanbul. They also do not include PRP needles or other services that are paid for by the hospital or center, and only provide the cost of the operation.

The table below shows you the pricing packages available at Camelia Clinic and what each package includes, and the tables which show their costs in Arab currency.